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Is a globally active specialty chemical company headquartered in Baar, Switzerland manufacturing and supplying products for construction and industry. Sika is an essential partner for research & development and provides Liter of Light with glue for the solar bottle on a global scale.

University of St.Gallen


BTI is one of the leading specialists and direct sellers for tradesmen. The range covers more than 16 000 products and system solutions for professionals. In Germany, BTI is a reliable and capable partner to more than 100 000 satisfied customers. BTI and their customers support our project by donating professional tools for the construction process of solar bottles.

University of St.Gallen

University of St. Gallen

The University of St. Gallen, Switzerland is considered to be one of the leading business schools in Europe. The universitiy's Master in Management program (SIM), from which the Liter of Light Switzerland project emerged, was ranked #1 Master in Management worldwide by the Financial Times in 2011.

We Donate Light

Supporters of 'We Donate Light'-Supports

In Summer 2012 Liter of Light Switzerland and BTI have launched a social & ecological program for small- and medium-sized craftsmen businesses to support Liter of Light. The following businesses have already joined the program - Thank You!

Lena S. . LG Haustechnik aus Bad Abbach . Parkett Kessel ZM aus Oberhof . Andreas Pawletta aus Sonneberg . M&S; Haustechnik aus Lohne . Harald Meyer Installationen . Liesa S . Müller Rundumservice . KIPP Elektrotechnik . Konrad Bauer . GRADL Trockenbau Bauelemente . LG Haustechnik aus Bad Abbach . KIASIF Abwassertechnik aus Mainburg . Gradl Werner Trockenbau-Bauelemente aus Rohr i.N.B . Stefan Hengl, Sanitär, Heizung und Lüftung aus Riedenburg . Konrad Niebler Innenausbau aus Hemau . Matthias Keller, Montageschreiner aus Altomünster Wollomoos . Müller Rundumservice, Garten- und Landschaftspflege sowie Imkereibetrieb aus Schwäbisch Hall . BTI Aussendiensteinstellungs Gruppe (Nov 2011 - Jan 2012) . BTI Einstellungsgruppe (Feb - Mär 2012) . BTI Einstellungsgruppe (Apr - Mai 2012) . BTI Aussendiensteinstellungs Gruppe (Jun - Jul 2012) . BTI Einstellungsgruppe (Aug 2012) . BTI Einstellungsgruppe (08/09 Teil 1) . BTI Einstellungsgruppe (08/09 Teil 2) . BTI Einstellungsgruppe (Okt 2012)

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